Why Web Design Is Important For Your Brand

As the digital face of your business – how your website looks matters. 

After all, your website isn’t there just for show. Ironically though, every aspect from the layout to the colour use is on show. If your current website design isn’t achieving your commercial aims as a business, there’s no better time to fix your website than now

Here at Distribute Digital, we’re a web design and development agency. We help businesses to transform their website to turn those clicks into conversions

So whether you have an existing website, or are looking to build one from scratch, here is why online success for any business starts with great web design. 

Visual Elements Of Web Design

  • Banners
  • Body copy
  • Buttons
  • Colour
  • Favicon
  • Footer
  • Forms
  • Headings
  • Icons
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Page length
  • Typography
  • Video

What Should A Great Website Do?

Attract search engines 

The importance of good web design begins long before users land on your page. That’s because your website’s visuals should work alongside any content or SEO so that each element is crawlable by search engine robots.

Keep users on the page 

When people try to load your website it should load fully without delay. The design should match what users expected to find on that page. The design should also encourage long page dwell times. 

Be easy to navigate 

Effective website navigation makes it easy for users to move from page to page. Users should also be able to jump back to the home page and other anchor pages with ease. 

Look great for everyone 

Websites should be responsive so that the design automatically adjusts to the device type and screen size. Bonus points if the design factors in the need for accessible web design too. 

Maximise conversions 

Beyond basic functionality, a website is there to make sales happen for your business. For ecommerce websites sales happen through the website itself. But for other business types, a website should drive customer enquiries and qualified leads. 

Signs Your Website Needs A Design Refresh

If you’re reading this post, you probably already know that your current website isn’t cutting the mustard. 

Truthfully, any number of aspects on your website could be lowering your profits as a business. 

While the exact reasons may differ from the following list, here are some of the most common signs it’s time for our professionals to take a look at your website. 

It’s Glitchy Or Slow To Load

What do you do when you land on a website and it doesn’t load properly?

You quickly exit the page. So it’s no surprise that your visitors do exactly the same on your website too. However, in doing so, these quick exits push up your website’s bounce rate. 

Any number of factors can make your website slow to load or a pain to navigate. 

If your website isn’t built to be responsive, it may look good on desktop but terrible on mobile. With the share towards mobile vs desktop increasingly in mobile’s favour – your website needs to be able to keep up.  

Having your website redesigned is like starting again with a blank canvas. It allows you to fix any technical issues while ensuring the best customer experience possible. 

Lack Of Conversional Actions Happening On Your Website

A great website should encourage conversional actions of all kinds. 

While sales might be the obvious type of conversion, there are lots of steps between someone browsing your website and purchasing that need to happen too. 

For instance, signing up for your newsletter, filling out a contact form, completing a quotation, or giving your business a call. Plus any other actions that may be relevant to your particular website. 

Poor web design may make any conversional functions impossible to complete on the page. All of which will have a negative impact on sales plus the overall customer experience. 

You’re Using A Pre-Built Website Template

We get it. When you’re first starting out you want to cut costs wherever possible, including the cost of having a custom website made. 

Opting for a pre-built website template is okay as a temporary option. But once your business starts to get established online and your traffic grows a professionally designed website is the way to go.

In short, professional web design is tailored to your business and your customers. By leaving the cookie-cutter website templates behind, your website will feel like an actual extension of your business.  

The Current Design Just Isn’t Doing The Trick 

Sometimes you can’t put your finger on why your website isn’t working. Yet, you know it doesn’t feel professional enough. Or it’s simply been many years since the design was last updated.

Every second a poorly designed website remains as is – your business is losing out. 

Even a so-called ‘minor’ issue such as a button not working or text being difficult to read actually is a major issue. That’s because such problems add hurdles to the sales process for your customers.

Great web design seeks to remove these barriers so that your business can shine online. 

What Can Great Web Design Achieve For Your Business?

Better connection with your customers  

When a website is built with customers in mind it shows. A seamless browsing experience makes it far more likely users will return to your website, share your website and purchase from it. 

Higher ROI on your digital marketing 

Imagine paying for PPC, SEO, social media marketing and similar digital marketing services. Only the place where users are being sent is a poorly designed website. This is a very common mistake! However, if your website has been professionally designed this outcome can be avoided for a healthier ROI on your digital marketing. 

Better sales 

All of the efforts in improving your website design work towards the central goal of boosting sales. Whether sales happen directly on your website, or indirectly with your website acting as a lead magnet, an improved website design can have a positive effect on profits. 

Distribute Digital – Web Design For Businesses

At Distribute Digital your new and improved website is only a call or a click away!  

As a digital marketing agency based in Birmingham, our team specialise in all aspects of digital marketing including web design. So whether you’re in search of a website refresh, or a wider range of marketing services we’re here to help. 

Let us know more about your current website by filling out our contact form or giving us a call on 0121 368 5665.

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