What Should I Look For When Hiring An Agency For SEO?

Did you know that 92.96% of global web traffic comes from Google? 

It’s a given that as a website owner, you want your pages to rank highly when users type in related search terms on Google. A solid SEO strategy is how to make that happen. 

But with SEO requiring knowledge and time to do, many businesses hire a professional agency to take care of their SEO for them.

When done right, SEO can deliver phenomenal results for businesses with pages getting more impressions, clicks and conversions as a result. The only thing standing in your way is finding the right SEO agency for the job. 

Before making any hiring decisions, here are some of the questions you need to be asking to choose the right SEO agency for your business. 

How Can You Help My Business? 

Let’s get straight to the point. 

Every website will require different things to get it to where it needs to be in the SEO stakes. This will depend on many aspects from the age of the website to any current SEO work that has already taken place. Plus, the competition surrounding any terms you want to rank for. 

Any SEO agency worth its salt will treat your website as an individual, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach. There should be a consideration of your industry, business and overall website type. 

Some of the services which may be offered include SEO audits, website content, blog content, guest posting and more. 

All of these services should be delivered as part of a unique and tailored SEO strategy. It should be easy for you the client to understand what’s being proposed to boost your search engine rankings. This is based on how the services are pitched and explained to you by the agency. 

So the first question you need to ask an SEO agency is what they can actually do for you in terms of the services and level of expertise provided. 

What Experience Do You Have?

Not to make this sound like a job interview, but in terms of SEO – doing local SEO for a tradesperson is very different to ecommerce SEO for a large retailer. 

When hiring an SEO agency, you naturally want to see they’ve completed similar projects to yours. 

Do leave some room for bringing other skills to the table that can also help your business. But by the same token, the agency should be able to talk about similar projects or clients they’ve worked with on a professional level. 

What Type Of SEO Do You Offer? 

There are three main strands of SEO, which include: 

On-page SEO – All of the content found on your website pages or blogs. 

Off-page SEO – Backlinks, guest posting and other ways of generating links and mentions for your website. 

Technical SEO – Optimising the performance of your website so that it provides the best possible user experience. 

SEO agencies will usually offer all three specialisms. But not always, and to be fair, you may not need all three depending on what’s specifically holding your website back. 

That said, it’s still good to know if you can find everything under one roof should you need it. 

Do You Specialise In SEO?

This might seem like an odd question, but what you’ll come to realise is that not all marketing agencies are created equal. Some have a couple of people doing everything (i.e. SEO, PPC and social media marketing). 

Then, there are agencies that only specialise in SEO. Or ones that have dedicated team members for each marketing discipline they offer. 

Another way of explaining this is the classic saying ‘Jack of all trades = master of none’. 

We can’t speak for every marketing agency, but Distribute Digital has specialists for each service we provide. That means your web designer won’t be doing your PPC, and your social media marketer won’t be writing your blogs and so on.

If you hire our SEO specialists – what you get is SEO specialists. 

All of which gives your website (and your business) the proper treatment it deserves. FYI – It’s very difficult to achieve the best results otherwise! 

Are Above Board (White Hat) SEO Techniques Used? 

There are lots of ways to do SEO, but only certain ways are legitimate and well, non-spammy. 

A simple way to distinguish good SEO from bad SEO is to only hire people who offer white-hat SEO techniques. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference between SEO hat colours – just know that white hat means Google’s best practices are being followed at every turn. 

Some red flags to avoid when hiring an SEO agency: 

🚩 – Guaranteeing search engine performance or positions.

🚩 – Generating poor-quality links that have no relevance to your website.

🚩 – Creating new websites that are slower/buggier than your previous website.

🚩 – Only offering blog content and not considering your website content as a whole.

🚩 – Finding the company difficult to contact if there’s a problem with no set person assigned to your account.

These are just a snapshot and are far from the only things to look out for. If you’ve previously had any other poor experiences with an SEO agency, we’d also be happy to explain how we work differently as professionals. 

How Will You Monitor The Progress Of Your Work?

It can take time to see results from SEO – even with all the best strategies in place. But even still, your SEO agency should be closely monitoring the results. Plus, looking out for anything that doesn’t look right, such as a sudden loss of backlinks, broken pages or a sharp dip in traffic.

As part of the service, you should expect to be kept informed about your SEO status. So you might want to ask the agency how that will work in terms of the frequency of reporting or meetings you’ll have with them. 

Also, will someone be available to chat if you have any questions or ideas you want to raise? 

Last But Not Least: Does The Agency Care About My Business? 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for SEO or any other kind of marketing service – the individual or agency you hire should be on your side. They should take the time to learn about your business and your customers so that they can then do the best job in marketing your business. 

When you meet or speak with the SEO agency, their attitude towards helping your business will become pretty apparent. But, you might also want to check their reviews out too. 

Your gut feeling will let you know if the company is committed to you or not. So make sure you listen to it! 

Psst: Read Distribute Digital’s reviews for our SEO services on Bark! 

Distribute Digital – SEO Agency Birmingham 

Finding the right SEO agency to help your business thrive online isn’t an easy task. But we hope as SEO specialists ourselves we’ve at least helped to point you in the right direction.

As it happens, you don’t even have to leave this page to find an award-winning SEO agency. 

Based in Birmingham, Distribute Digital has some of the best handpicked SEO specialists ready to help your business. 
Contact us today and let us know how our SEO specialists can be of service.

Keisha - SEO Account Manager

Keisha is a driven SEO Account Manager with a person-centred approach and a degree in Business Psychology from the University of Worcester. Keisha has extensive client service experience and excellent organisational skills.

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