What Is Integrated Marketing and Why It Matters

If you’re looking for the right marketing strategy to grow your business, integrated marketing could help you. It enables you to create a coherent and consistent marketing strategy that helps to get all of your marketing channels working together. It can be tough to juggle marketing today, with so many different channels that you have to use to reach your audience. But integrated marketing can make it easier to engage with your audience and prevent your marketing from getting too confused.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is the concept of bringing all of your marketing channels together to deliver consistent and coherent messaging and content. It combines advertising, PR, social media, and other types of marketing communication to create an experience that puts the customer at the centre. When choosing to use an integrated marketing strategy, the focus is on creating a consistent look and feel for your brand across all channels. That involves using storytelling and brand identity, among other things, to reach your audience.

The Difference Between Integrated and Omnichannel Marketing

You might think that integrated marketing sounds a lot like omnichannel marketing. Although they share similarities, they’re not exactly the same. Omnichannel marketing focuses more on the customer experience, using different channels to create a seamless experience. But integrated marketing is more about conveying the same message across different channels. The theme of the campaign stays the same across different channels, even if the execution changes to fit each channel.

Examples of Integrated Marketing

It’s not hard to find some great examples of integrated marketing. Big brands often use integrated marketing campaigns that make use of multiple channels at the same time. Integrated marketing might combine both digital marketing and traditional marketing methods to achieve campaign goals.

Here are a few examples from well-known brands.

Compare the Market

Most people who live in the UK will recognise the long-running ‘Compare the Meerkat’ ads from this comparison website. Over the years, they’ve used TV ads, billboards, social media, and even produced promotional toys of the well-known characters.

Red Bull

Another recognisable slogan, Red Bull’s ‘gives you wings’ is impossible to miss. Their message can be found across multiple channels both online and offline, from social media to sports sponsorship.


Coke has had many successful marketing campaigns, but one of the recent successes is their ‘share a coke with’ campaign. The campaign not only ran across TV ads, social media, and outdoor displays, but also featured personalised bottles and cans.


The Always #LikeAGirl campaign took their marketing beyond branding and highlighted important discussions around attitudes to gender. They combined videos, social media, and other channels.

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Why Does Integrated Marketing Matter?

So why does integrated marketing matter and why should businesses use it? One of the main reasons businesses should create integrated marketing campaigns is that it’s great for brand recognition. There are so many different marketing channels today, and consumers can feel like they’re being bombarded with advertising from all directions. With all this noise, it can be difficult for brands to get their message heard and have their target audience pay attention to them. Integrated marketing can make it easier to get your message seen and heard, and recognised across different channels.

Integrated marketing helps your brand to stand out and make it memorable. When your brand identity and messaging are consistent across multiple channels, it will make its mark. 

Integrated marketing can produce some great results. One Old Spice campaign resulted in a 300% increase in web traffic, an 800% increase in Facebook interactions, and a 2700% increase in Twitter followers. What’s more, 72% of consumers would rather connect with brands and businesses through multiple channels and 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across different channels.

You can get better results when you’re using integrated marketing. The more consistent your branding and messaging are across the channels you use, the greater your chances are of making a sale and creating loyal customers. You can build better brand awareness when you have consistent graphics, brand colours, tone of voice, and other key markers of your brand image. When you’re consistent with your creative elements, consumers will see the same images and messaging more often across different channels.

Integrated marketing can even help you to save money. When you create integrated marketing campaigns, you can avoid wasting money on doing things differently for every channel. You cut marketing costs by focusing on a single message and you can avoid wasting money, which can happen when your campaign isn’t consistent.

How to Put Integrated Marketing to Use

Getting started with integrated marketing might seem like a challenge. Juggling different marketing channels probably sounds time-consuming and difficult. But you’re likely already using more than one marketing channel and integrated marketing can actually make this easier. Instead of having to manage different campaigns on different channels, you can focus on putting out the same coherent message on all of the channels that you choose to use. An integrated marketing campaign doesn’t have to be put out across all available channels, either. It can focus on the most appropriate channels for the audience or segment of your audience that you want to reach.

Need Help with Integrated Marketing?

Creating an integrated marketing strategy requires you to think about a number of essential things. You need to consider your brand’s mission and message, as well as which channels are most effective for your brand. If you need help with integrated marketing, Distribute Digital can assist with digital marketing in Birmingham. Our services include web design, PPC, SEO, and social media marketing. Our multi-channel experience and expertise place us well to help clients build integrated marketing campaigns that grow their brand identity and recognition. We have a team of digital marketing experts who can help you to grow your business through integrated marketing as your trusted marketing partner.

Book a free marketing consultation to discuss your needs, even if you’re not sure what services you’re looking for or where you should start.

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