Wyldes Sweet Shop

Wyldes Sweet Shop needed a website to showcase their diverse range of products and generate greater online awareness about their historic family run store that has been operating successfully since the 1890s.
Wyldes Sweet Shop, providing customers with traditional sweets of yesterday, realised they needed to create their first website. From the get go, they communicated they wanted a website to celebrate the history of Tamworth based store, helping potential customers learn that Wyldes is more than a sweet shop but a journey back in time. The aim was to design a fun, quirky website whilst being easy-to-navigate within the aligned brand look and feel. With its new website, Wyldes Sweet Shop has effectively increased its online reach, providing customers an easy and entertaining way to learn about this exciting store.
Everything has been represented beautifully
Thank you Warwick! Thank you so much for being so attentive as a team. The website is looking beautiful and I think everything has been represented beautifully. I’m very happy with it, thanks so much for all you and the team have done. I’m excited to start posting blogs!