Web Design Services: What makes a Good Website Design in 2022?

With websites now established as an essential business tool, their design and construction have become a detailed process with the need to speak directly to your target audience. What might have worked in previous years can quickly become dull, outdated, and in need of some changes. So, what makes a good website design in 2022?

Here are seven factors that a web design agency will consider when designing a website:

1. Clear Vision for the Website

The first step that needs to be taken when designing a website is to determine its purpose and what you want to achieve from it. This could be as simple as wanting to increase customer awareness of your brand, sell your products and services online, promote special offers and discounts to build loyalty, or any combination of these. Having a vision for your site will influence how every decision is made, from the font you use to the layout of your pages.

2. Clear Audience for the Website

Chances are high that the words and phrases used to communicate with teenage boys who enjoy video games are very different from those used to speak with women in their 30s who are climbing the career ladder. The same rules apply for your website. 

If you are selling fun, little gadgets online, the design and content on your website will be a lot more playful and casual than it will be for a company offering innovative accounting software. Knowing your audience allows you to tailor your message and user experience to those who will benefit from your products or services.

3. Functionality: Is it easy to use?

This aspect isn’t just about how intuitive or convenient a website may look; but it must serve its purpose well too. The navigation must not only look impressive but work seamlessly across different screen sizes from mobile phones to larger PC displays. Customers should be able to easily access the information they require from your site without having to think hard about where to go to find it. A business will lose customers who can’t find what they’re looking for on their website, when a competitor’s site has easy navigation.

4. Responsive Design: Is it Mobile-friendly?

With over 50% of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, responsive design is becoming essential in the website making process. Ensuring that your web design looks good and functions well on smaller screens will help you retain mobile and tablet customers, and have your site viewed more favourably by Google. This positions your business higher up on search engines, helping to improve your online visibility. 

A web design agency will design your site with mobile-friendliness in mind.

5. Content: Does it communicate well?

It’s the information contained within the site that differentiates one business from another, so content needs to be informative and engaging in order for customers to stick around. The products or services on offer, unique selling points, testimonials, and media coverage are all key elements that contribute to a successful site. Think ‘content is king’ – you only have seconds to catch your audience’s attention, so an unappealing headline can be all it takes for your customers to move on.

6. Personality: Does it feel right?

A website should project an image of its brand. It must resonate with your target audience in order to connect with them emotionally; but also demonstrate authority in its field through expert use of language, tone, and imagery. The feel of your website should portray the personality of your company – whether that means changing the font, or using different colours.

7. Page Speed: Does it load fast?

The time it takes for your web pages to load may seem like a trivial matter, but it is vital in retaining your visitors and creating a positive impression for your business. Many potential customers will leave your website if the loading time is even a second too long, making this a crucial consideration for a web design company. High definition images and videos can make great additions to your website, but overdoing these can severely increase your page speed.

Search engines, like Google, take page speed into account when ranking your pages, so a slow website will not only leave your visitors unsatisfied, but will also negatively affect your SEO score, reducing your company’s visibility.

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A great website is important for all businesses, whether local or global. Spending the necessary time to create a good website that portrays your brand and speaks to your customers will help grow your business and keep it looking modern. A web design agency can ensure that your website is designed using best practices.

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