The Value Of An Online Presence For Estate Agents

Property is the most expensive asset a person will likely ever own. This makes the buying and selling of property a huge life decision. Even deciding which area to rent in is no easy feat!  

As an estate agent, people call on you for guidance throughout their property journey. That is, if they can find you when they type in related searches on Google. But without an online presence, your competitors will likely be found first instead. 

With visits to estate agent websites at an all-time high, now is the time to create an online presence for your property business if you haven’t already. Likewise, to update an outdated website or content you may have that’s just not pulling in new clients anymore. 

Here at Distribute Digital, we specialise in digital marketing for estate agents. For any agents yet to build or improve their online presence, here is why it’s so important. 

Types Of Digital Marketing For Estate Agents

  • Website complete with property listings
  • SEO friendly content 
  • Regular targeted blog posts 
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC (pay-per-click) advertising
  • Video marketing (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc.)

Online Is Where Your Buyers And Sellers Are 

Back in the day, we all used to browse houses for sale by looking in the window of an estate agent. Or even flick through property listings in the local newspaper. Now that people mostly scroll through properties on their smartphones, estate agents need to market their services a little differently.

At the very least, having a website and social media pages are key. Potential clients should be able to browse and share property listings with ease. 

But most of all, they shouldn’t just see the ‘Rightmoves’ and ‘Zooplas’ of this world when they Google properties for sale in their area. Instead, local and independent estate agents such as yours should also appear. 

Build A Buzz For Your Properties

As we’re sure you well know, it takes a lot of work to put a property listing together. When a property happens to deliver that ‘wow’ moment, sharing it online feels like the natural next step.

Even the properties that need a little TLC can be an exciting renovation project for some! 

The ability for both you and others to share your properties online is how interest develops. In some cases, this can generate interest which results in quick sales or even a bidding war. At the very least, it gets your agency’s name out there. 

Being online opens up the exposure for your listings, plus your property agency as a whole. You never know where this may lead, which is why it’s essential to have a visible online presence. 

Target Your Ideal Buyers, Sellers, Or Renters

With the likes of social media advertising, PPC or SEO, it’s possible to target specific audiences. 

So say you want to advertise a property in a specific location, or to people within a certain demographic, online marketing methods make this so much easier.

Take SEO as just one example. Keywords such as ‘property for sale in Birmingham’, or ‘commercial property near me’ are examples of what your clients may type into a search engine.

Gearing your online presence to reach specific markets, means your property services are more likely to be found. 

Even when looking for sellers or renters, you can use a similar technique. By segmenting the market, your ROI will be higher, because your efforts will be concentrated in the right way. This approach can also facilitate quicker sales too. 

Your Business Is Effectively Open 24/7

It’s not possible to keep a physical estate agent office open all day. So what about people who work during the day or have busy lifestyles? 

Having an online presence means your business is never closed. It doesn’t matter what time of day people land on your content, they can browse it just the same. 

Plus, with the likes of contact forms or chatbots, clients can leave you a message at their convenience. Even if they happen to be browsing your website in the middle of the night! 

This doesn’t mean you have to be available at all hours by the way. Though it does mean you won’t miss out on potential leads because your store is closed, or even too far away to visit in person for international buyers. 

Only an online presence can make this possible while ensuring all visitors receive the same consistent experience. 

Digital Tools Can Be Very Persuasive 

As with any kind of website design or social media strategy, an online presence for an estate agent can be geared towards your audience. 

These may be those looking to buy, sell, rent or let a property. 

On a website alone, some of the aspects that can be included are:  

  • Average area house prices
  • Energy performance graphs
  • Enticing property descriptions
  • Monthly mortgage calculators
  • Local amenity maps
  • Personalised agent content
  • Social share buttons
  • Video tours

All of these work together to inform your website visitors, and can seriously help to achieve the goals for that property. 

Without an online presence, you’d have to rely on customers coming into a physical building so you could explain these details in person. While this traditional method may still work to some degree, as we’ve already established online is where your audience is these days. 

So why not add these converting elements on top? The ability for users to share your listings with others does some of the hard work on your behalf. 

In today’s times, it’s also possible for properties to be picked up by local or national media. If these articles have a direct link back to your website or social media pages, it could be extremely beneficial for your marketing strategy as a whole. 

Ensures Competitiveness Among Other Agents

All businesses need to move with the times to survive, and the world of property is no exception.

Sure, you may want to retain a traditional edge in terms of customer service or local knowledge. But if there’s one thing that needs modernising, it’s how you find buyers and market your properties. 

Given most international, national, and local estate agencies already have an online presence, it’s fair to say digital marketing within the real estate market isn’t going away anytime soon.

It seems implausible to give away a listing (and any potential commission) because your agency isn’t being found online. But this is literally what’s happening right now if you aren’t putting in a regular, active effort into your digital marketing. 

Let us help you with that! 

Shows Your Clients You Are Working For That Commission 

When you have an online presence that works, it’s not just you that benefits but your clients too. After all, more visibility for your website means more eyes on your listings. 

Consider why clients may switch estate agents from another company to you. Usually, it’s because the property stagnated on the market. Or the agent didn’t do enough to market the property. 

If you are maximising all opportunities to market not just your services, but your properties too, then this demonstrates you put the effort in as an agent. This makes all the difference in terms of securing a quick sale or even a competitive price for a property. 

Also, you will be more likely to receive recommendations for your services if clients have had a good experience with your agency. Having an attractive, conversion-friendly website is the first step to achieving this.

Just Because You’re An Expert At Property, Doesn’t Mean You’re An Expert At Digital Marketing

Any estate agent wanting an online presence will likely need to hire some professional help to do so. 

But rather than see this as a hassle or expense, the right expertise is an invaluable investment into your business.

After all, as an estate agent, your specialism is in property, along with sales and negotiations.  

But what about web design, photography, copywriting, SEO, or social media marketing – all of which are also crucial for your business?

Pairing your unrivalled knowledge of the property market with expert marketing services is a winning combination no estate agent can afford to skip.

As the saying goes: ‘buy the worst house on the best street’. If your agency happens to be the ‘best street’, the right digital marketing can turn the ‘worst house’ into a newly renovated goldmine. But to achieve this scenario, you have to pair the right expertise up! 

Distribute Digital – Marketing Services For Estate Agents

You may know your way around a floor plan or neighbourhood, but getting an online presence that works isn’t always so easy as an estate agent. 

Luckily the experts here at Distribute Digital are here to help you. From website redesigns to social media marketing, we provide a vast range of marketing services specifically geared towards estate agents. 

Boasting no onward chain (but endless expertise in all things marketing!), your fantastic online presence is only a few clicks away. 

To see how we help estate agents get found online, please fill out our contact form or give us a call on 0121 3685 665

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Keisha is a driven SEO Account Manager with a person-centred approach and a degree in Business Psychology from the University of Worcester. Keisha has extensive client service experience and excellent organisational skills.

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