Modern Slavery Statement


Distribute Digital is a digital marketing agency operating within the UK, primarily servicing predominantly small and medium-sized businesses. We acknowledge the importance of addressing modern slavery and human trafficking and are committed to implementing practices that mitigate the risk of these activities within our business operations and supply chain.

Our Organisation’s Structure, Business, and Supply Chains

As a micro-company, Distribute Digital’s operations and supply chain mainly involve collaborations with UK-based businesses and large software providers. Our structure is lean, focusing on performance marketing, SEO, paid social media marketing, website design, and landing pages, facilitated through a remote team of marketing professionals.

Policies on Slavery and Human Trafficking

Distribute Digital opposes modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. Our policy is to conduct business in a manner that respects human rights and the dignity of individuals. This includes ensuring, to the best of our ability and within our operational scope, that our suppliers and partners also uphold these principles.

Due Diligence Processes

Our due diligence process is proportionate to our size and the nature of our operations. It involves:

  • Selecting reputable software providers and UK-based business partners who are likely to comply with local and international laws concerning labour practices.
  • Encouraging transparency and ethical practices in our interactions with suppliers and partners.

Risk Assessment and Management

Given the nature of our services and the suppliers we engage with, we assess the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chain as low. However, we remain vigilant and are committed to:

  • Monitoring our business relationships for any potential risks or unethical practices.
  • Addressing concerns promptly if they arise.

Effectiveness in Preventing Slavery and Human Trafficking

Our effectiveness in preventing modern slavery and human trafficking is gauged by:

  • The integrity and legal compliance of our suppliers and partners.
  • Our commitment to ethical business practices and transparency.

Training and Capacity Building

While formal training programmes on modern slavery and human trafficking are not currently in place due to our size, we ensure that our team is aware of the importance of ethical business practices. We encourage our staff to stay informed on these issues and to report any concerns.


This policy statement is a reflection of our current practices and commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking within our capabilities. Distribute Digital is dedicated to continuous improvement and to adopting more formal measures as our business grows and resources allow.