Google Marketing Live 2022: The Rundown

Google’s annual Marketing Live event took place on 24 May 2022 and Google unveiled a number of key updates to its ad products that we in the marketing industry need to take note of as we look to achieve our business goals.

Updates include:

Performance Max upgrades

Driving business results with automation. Last year, Google launched Performance Max to all advertisers to help drive better results across Google’s channels and inventory. Advertisers using these campaigns in their account see an average increase of 13% total incremental conversions at a similar cost per action. Here are the latest improvements:

  1. More tools for experimentation, such as A/B tests to see how Performance Max is driving conversions.
  2. Expanded campaign management support in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app with Floodlight conversion bidding starting to roll out in Search Ads 360.
  3. Support for store sales goals to optimize for in-store sales, in addition to store visits and local actions. This includes burst campaigns for seasonal foot traffic.
  4. New insights which include attribution, audience and auction insights so you know what is driving performance.
  5. Optimization score recommendations so you can see how to improve your campaign.

YouTube Shorts ads

Connect with people on YouTube Shorts with Video action and App campaigns. Later in 2022, product feeds connected to your campaigns will also start showing up on YouTube Shorts, making your video ads even more shoppable. Shorts are limited to one minute in length and advertisers may want to fine tune creative, given the time frame to produce best results.

Swipeable shopping ads in search

A new ad display combines organic shopping results with shopping ads for a highly visual shopping experience. This is for apparel brands only and will be available through Search and Performance Max campaigns.

Reimagining video ads across Google and YouTube

Connect with people on YouTube Shorts with Video action and App campaigns. Later this year, advertisers will have the ability to connect product feeds to campaigns to create shoppable ads on YouTube Shorts.

Insights page updates

Identify new pockets of consumer demand and get personalized trend data. Based on billions of searches Google sees every day and the millions of signals they analyze for every ad auction. Three new reports will be rolling out worldwide in the coming months:

  1. Attribution insights, showing how your ads work together across Google surfaces i.e., Search, Display and YouTube to drive conversions.
  2. Budget insights, finding new opportunities for budget optimization and show spend pacing against budget goals.
  3. Audience insights for first party data show how your customer segments are driving campaign performance.

Video ads in Discover

Spark interest in your products with video ads in Discover. Discover is where people scroll through their favourite personalized content for ideas and inspiration. Google is exploring ways to help advertisers bring short video assets to Google feeds to offer more engaging ad experiences.

Google Audiences for Connected TVs

Advertisers will soon be able to use connected TV campaigns to target viewers across YouTube and other connected TV apps. This development will bring affinity, in-market, and demographic audience segments to connected TVs.

Checkout on Merchant

Google will be streamlining checkouts for customers who have “decided what they want “in their purchase journey. Customers will not need to go through so many pages in order to check out and will instead be sent directly to the existing buy-flow from the merchant – directly from the product listing. This may result in higher conversion rates from Shopping ads but it means advertisers will no longer be able to upsell or cross-sell via their website when using this.

Asset Library availability for all advertisers

Advertisers can now manage their digital creative assets in the new Asset Library. Using the new account level Asset Library to store all their digital creative assets and can be accessed once imported from Discovery, App and Performance Max campaigns with plans for YouTube and shopping coming soon.

YouTube video creation in 60 seconds

From within the Asset Library, Google announced that advertisers can create a video and publish to YouTube in as little as 60 seconds. This can be done with as few as five images, logos and text assets to create an effective ad.

Enhanced Conversions for additional channels

A new Enhanced Conversions for Leads is a privacy safe connection between leads and funnel progression by way of offline conversion imports. A new lead funnel report will be coming to Google Ads later in 2022 to help visualize lead progression.

In light of the above latest innovations from Google, we as advertisers are exposed to new ways to drive better results today and build resilience for tomorrow. With these new features, we are ensured to gain greater insights as the world of advertising looks to evolve worldwide. Things are accelerating for consumers, both in terms of how they shop and in how they search online. Privacy continues to become key for both consumers and advertisers. The world of marketing for advertisers is expanding into broader channels and highlights the urgency to leverage and understand more of these solutions to remain agile and deliver meaningful results in this ever-evolving global digital landscape.

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Andy has extensive commercial experience at companies including Autotrader, Zoopla, and MNA Media. As a digital specialist he has over 25 years of experience in digital transformation and marketing.

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