Environmental Policy

Last updated: 13 July 2022

As a remote-first digital marketing agency, Distribute Digital naturally avoids activities that have an effect on the environment thanks, in part, to being paper free, avoiding commuting and unnecessary travel whilst keeping any work related travel to a minimum. Nonetheless, some activities including computer usage and cloud hosting can have an effect.

It is therefore our policy to:

* Identify our significant environmental aspects and put in place control mechanisms to mitigate their effects

* Minimise the environmental impacts of our activities, prevent pollution and continually improve our environmental performance

* To protect the environment whilst providing services to our clients, such as safe-guarding both ecosystems & biodiversity

* Ensure our company’s compliance with all relevant legislation and other voluntary obligations relating to the environment

* Promote sustainable development by conserving energy, materials and resources, minimising consumption, maximising efficiency and effectively managing wastes

* Create awareness of our environmental policy to all relevant employees about the potential impacts from their operations and suitable control measures to mitigate those adverse impacts

* Manage and/or influence our supply chain to encourage suppliers to minimise the use of materials, energy or processes which may be harmful to the environment

* To exercise a positive influence within our sector and for the clients we serve

The participation and co-operation of all employees and sub contractors/freelancers is vital to the success of this policy and that adequate resources are available to maintain this system on an ongoing basis.

This Environmental Policy Statement shall be communicated throughout the organisation and will be publicly available to interested parties.


Mihnea Gamulescu

Operations Director