Digital Marketing Ideas for 2023

One of the aims of digital marketing is to be able to target the right audience, using different data collection tools that allow you to learn about your audience and find other like-minded people. That being said, audiences are constantly being met with different products or services vying for their attention. 

Knowing how to get the attention of your audience can be hard, and whether you are just starting out or are a little more established in your business, Distribute Digital shares some trends to keep an eye on and other ideas on what you can do for your digital marketing strategy in 2023. 

Content Brief Creation

The SEO world knows how important regular pieces of content can be in helping search engines recognise and rank your site. However not only does it need to be regular, but thanks to Google’s helpful content policies, this content also needs to be written for humans. Whether you outsource your content writing or you have an in-house copywriting team, there is incredible value in having a well-written content brief. The quality of the content is higher and it ultimately saves time when it comes to proofreading, also ensuring that the points you need to have covered in your content aren’t missed. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has quietly been growing over the last several years and has really come to prominence recently through the use of tools like SEOWind, chatGPT, and Quillbot, to name a few.

AI ultimately makes marketing smarter, and it powers algorithms that help Google understand search behaviour. What does that mean for us? While there are programs available that will write content for you or even generate a whole website landing page, take that with a grain of salt. The human touch is still needed when it comes to content, but use AI to learn from in order to better understand what your audience is looking for and optimise your content and content strategy accordingly.

Short Form Video

Short-form video isn’t going anywhere and if you have the material, harness the power this tool has. This style of video is great as it grabs attention immediately and can be used for paid media in order to generate clicks. While there are individual requirements in terms of length, short-form video content can be used across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; YouTube has also introduced its own version. 

Featured Snippets

The way people search and browse is evolving and voice search is becoming more prevalent. Being number 1 on the SERPs is not always going to be enough to engage your audience, or indeed for your audience to see your content. Google tries to answer a user’s query by showing the answer on the SERP, through the use of Featured Snippets. Work on optimising your site’s content to win those positions (think helpful content, and whether you can answer that query better than your competitors). 


There are a number of positives to marketing automation; it saves time, ensures consistent output and streamlines marketing efforts, which makes these efforts more effective. Using automation in digital marketing can mean being able to allocate more resources to things like content and strategy, or other creative aspects of your work. 

Outsource Your Marketing

No matter if you are new or already established, sometimes it is better to outsource your digital marketing. Outsourcing your digital marketing efforts allows you to maximise your time and get more done, which also means there are more resources available for business opportunities. Trusting experts in their field is a surefire way to ensure that you get results, from proven methods. Distribute Digital is proud to have a team of experienced professionals ready to offer marketing solutions, so why not get in touch today to see how we can help?

Keisha - SEO Account Manager

Keisha is a driven SEO Account Manager with a person-centred approach and a degree in Business Psychology from the University of Worcester. Keisha has extensive client service experience and excellent organisational skills.

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