Wharton Case Study: 18x Increase in Leads via Google Ads

We took Wharton Natural Infrastructure from 3 leads a month to 75 with an optimised conversion funnel. Find out how we did it.

wharton case study - Project Showcase

Reduced cost per conversion by


£97.71 to £26.22

Conversion rate increased to


from 4.17%

Increased leads by


from 4 leads to 75 leads


Wharton Natural Infrastructure (WNI) struggled to scale their customer base across three areas – developers, architects and individual consumers.

With their website bringing in just 3 or 4 leads a month, WNI were relying on offline referrals to get through the year.

This method of lead generation meant they didn’t have the reliable income flow to reinvest and scale.


WNI have a robust digital strategy bringing in 75 leads a month and scaling. That’s a 1,875% increase from before.

By optimising their Google Ads campaigns, their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) more than halved, and their conversion rate quadrupled.

WNI can invest and grow their business, knowing a reliable stream of leads are coming through the door.

How did we use Google Advertising to increase Wharton Natural Infrastructures leads by 1,875%?

1. We matched the client’s capabilities and requirements to the marketing channels that could provide a strategic return on investment

2. Our PPC Team, launched Google Search ads and optimised the campaigns as they learnt more about our audiences’ intent

3. Taking what we’d learnt, we created new landing pages with a focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for search ads

4. Finally, from a strong foundation, we scaled up the campaigns to achieve 75 leads a month, up from 4

Step 1: Defining and matching digital marketing requirements

When you’re trying to build a lead funnel, understanding your audience is everything. In this case, we had three audiences: developers, architects and individual consumers.

With an understanding of how these customers researched and purchased, we defined a new lead generation strategy. Our team analysed potential lead generation channels based on Wharton’s service capacity requirements, USPs, and the competitor market.

Paid search ads won out because we wanted manual levels of control to implement strategic pushes in services depending on Wharton’s needs. With PPC ads, we can manually move the budget between services based on business capacity and scale up or down depending on the season.

“This is by far the best company I’ve worked with in marketing and understanding what they need to achieve.”

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Peter Wharton


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Step 2: Launching and refining Google PPC adverts

We created Google Search ads based on keyword gaps and customer behaviour identified during the initial research. As the campaigns ran, we analysed key performance indicators, including ROAS, and kept refining our campaigns and creative ad copy.

“The team at Distribute Digital know their stuff and understand that marketing, and particularly PPC is based on results and ROI. The figures speak from themselves – our leads have moved from 3-4 per month to now in excess of 75 per month and this is ever increasing.”

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Step 3: Building new CRO focussed landing pages

Happy with the number of clicks we were receiving, we moved on in the funnel to the landing pages. We experimented with improvements for existing landing pages before creating dedicated landing pages for the ads.

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Step 4: Scaling up digital leads from Google search advertising

Choosing the right channel, building a solid ad account, and optimising landing pages for conversion gave us a robust marketing framework. From there, the strategy allows us to shift ad spend where it’s required and scale the account while generating a predictable number of leads.

Wharton’s conversation rate doubled, and their CPA halved, giving them four times the return and, even better, a predictable return on further investment in ad spend.

“Andy and his team at Distribute Digital have transformed how we firstly utilise Google Adwords and secondly developed a full digital marketing strategy around it. This has included the development of a specific website to track leads and conversion, developed ads based on real data of keywords and are now in the process of developing a full new company website.”

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How our Marketing and PPC agency can help your business

If you struggle to focus on and scale a digital marketing channel for your business, we can define the right strategy and implementation to make it work for your sales funnel. It’s the Distribute Digital way.

Wharton Natural Infrastructure was a popular choice by referral, but they needed new leads generated by digital marketing to scale.

We created Google search ads using their USPs and gaps in competitor strategies to find potential markets. As the campaign grew, we built new optimised landing pages to increase the client’s leads and return on ad spend.

The robust ad campaign and specialised landing pages reduced cost per conversion by 73% from £97.71 to £26.22 in October 2021. And the conversion rate increased from 4.17% to 16.84%!