SN Financial Case Study

A new website for an independent financial advisory firm that has helped them showcase their services clearly to potential customers.

SN Financial Services needed a website that presented the services they offered in a concise and compelling way. Their previous website’s design and lack of information made it difficult for users to understand what was available to them.

SN- Project Showcase


SN Financial Services is a whole-of-market, independent financial advisory firm that provides personalised guidance in areas including mortgages, investments, pensions, and protection. Their old website didn’t portray this in a simple and effective way, lacking design and detail.

SN Financial - CASE STUDY
SN Financial - CASE STUDY


The new website displays the services in a neater format and presents information clearly. A month after launching, we saw a 67.58% increase in goal conversion rate, 42.95% increase in average session duration, and 8.48% decrease in bounce rate. We created almost 20 additional service pages to provide potential customers with more detail on each service, while also building a strong foundation for our SEO work. The website benefits from customer testimonials, lifestyle photography, third party ratings, calls-to-action, forms on each key page, and visible phone numbers for both offices.

How did we do it:

Step 1: Photoshoot of team

Prior to designing the new website, we arranged a photoshoot with a third party photo and video production company. This provided us with fresh, new photos of the team and office that were used on the website. The photos help SN Financial to create a more personal connection with potential customers through their website, increasing engagement and making visitors feel more comfortable contacting the company.

Gallery SN Financial - CASE STUDY

Step 2: Copywriting and SEO

Working with a copywriter, we developed the content for the homepage, and just under 20 service pages, to be impactful and drive enquiries. We implemented SEO best practices on each page to increase the online visibility of the company, as well as boost the SEO performance of the website as a whole.

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Step 3: Initial designs of pages

We produced 3 versions of the homepage for SN Financial to choose from, each with a slick design that included customer testimonials, lifestyle photography, third party ratings, calls-to-action, forms on each key page, and visible phone numbers for both offices. Our client then selected their preferred design and requested some tweaks on certain elements, which we actioned.

After the homepage design was agreed on, we designed examples of each page type for approval. These pages matched the theme of the homepage and were also created to be short, informative, and impactful. Once these pages were approved by the client, we began the build of the website.

SN Financial - CASE STUDY

Step 4: Website Development

The website was built in WordPress using our proprietary checklist, which has over 50 checkboxes to be checked. We develop each WordPress website with specific guidelines throughout all stages from the installation and setup phase, through to the build, and up to the post go-live stage. This ensures that the quality of the websites are up to high standards and don’t lack anything that would prevent issues from occurring.

Phone numbers for both offices were added to the header of SN Financial’s website with click-to-call options for mobile users. We also made sure that every page and post on the website had unique, relevant titles and meta descriptions so that the pages of similar services they were offering didn’t hinder the SEO performance of each other.

We showed the client the completed website on a staging site, made further adjustments based on their feedback, and then set it live.

SN Financial - CASE STUDY

Step 5: Client handover & ongoing maintenance

As with all of our sites we always have a client handover call, ensuring they understand how to update their websites and add blog posts, as well as seeing form submissions and any other relevant functionality.

One area that is often overlooked with website development is the ongoing hosting and maintenance. WordPress sites can become vulnerable to security breaches if they are not maintained properly. All our hosting services come with managed maintenance, this means that in addition to the scalable cloud hosting, daily backups and SSL certificate we will update the website on a monthly basis, whilst resolving any issues with any conflicts between core WordPress updates and Plugins. Giving our clients peace of mind that their website is in safe hands.

SN Financial - CASE STUDY

SN Financial Services is an independent financial advisory firm, but their website lacked clear and compelling information about their services.

We added customer testimonials, lifestyle photography, and more to the homepage, and created nearly 20 service pages that have clear, impactful content.

The new website portrays SN Financial as professional and approachable, and gives potential customers plenty of information on their services in a concise way with strong CTAs. The goal conversion rate increased by 67.58% and the average session duration increased by 42.95% just one month after launch.