Facebook and Google Ads Case Study

Silverback Case Study: up to 56% increase in Revenue via Facebook Ads and Google Ads

How we helped Silverback improve their revenue in one month by 56% on Facebook Ads and by 36% on Google Ads.

Silverback- Project Showcase

Increased sales revenue by


On Facebook Ads in 1 month

Increased the number of purchases by


On Facebook Ads in 1 month

Increased sales revenue by


On Google Ads in 1 month

Increased the number of purchases by


On Google Ads in 1 month


Managing ads in-house proved to be a time-consuming task and lacked a strategic depth.

There were inadequate structures and strategies in place for both Facebook and Google Ads.

Their Facebook campaigns suffered from a lack of a clear and effective funnel.

The PPC campaigns were disorganised, characterised by overlapping issues and weak audience signals.


As we implemented our strategies, Silverback saw significant positive growth.

On Facebook, a 13% increase in ad spend translated into a substantial 42% increase in the number of purchases and a 56% uplift in revenue, delivering a ROAS of 7.7x, marking a 37% improvement from the previous month.

Google Ads campaigns also saw promising results generating a ROAS of 9.25x, leading to an overall rise of 19% and 36% in purchases and revenue respectively. 

How did we increase Silverback’s results from Google and Facebook ads in just one month?

Silverback Gymwear isn’t just a brand; it’s a vibrant symbol of quality and an unwavering passion for fitness, vividly reflected through its varied gym wear selections.

Prior to partnering with us, Silverback was steering through the UK and US markets, managing their Google and Facebook Ads campaigns independently.

Recognising a need for enhanced strategy, they joined forces with us to elevate their campaign performance to new heights.

Step 1: Comprehensive Audit and Strategic Recommendations

Starting our journey with Silverback Gymwear, our first move was taking a good, hard look at their original campaign structures. We went through their Google and Facebook ad campaigns with a fine-tooth comb, compared them with competitors, and prepared a fresh, tailored strategy to boost their visibility and sales in the UK and US markets.

“We worked with Distribute for 3 months during Summer 2023. Incredibly professional service and well managed throughout. Clearly experts in the Meta and Google (the 2 services we used). We only left due to our internal desire to recruit for this role as we start to build a team. Thanks for all of your work!”

Silverback Gymwear

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Step 2: Redefining Facebook Ads with a Full-Funnel Approach

Next up, we rolled up our sleeves and revamped Silverback’s Facebook Ads, making them sharper and more focused.

We structured the campaigns to guide people smoothly from just discovering the brand (awareness), to considering a purchase (consideration), and finally to hitting that ‘buy’ button (conversion).

By trying out different creative ideas and refining who saw the ads, we made sure Silverback’s passion and quality shone through brightly and effectively.

Step 3: Tuning Up Google Ads for Better Performance

The third step involved a methodical restructuring and optimisation of the Google Ads. Encountering issues with the previous structure, audience signal overlaps and ad strength, our approach entailed a thorough refinement of the campaigns in line with best practices.

The result? A nifty boost in purchases and a sweet 36% lift in revenue, proving that when ads are crafted and managed with care, they really can turn clicks into customers.

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