Google Ads Case Study

Prohormones Case Study: 61% Return on Ad Spend Increase in 1 month through Google Ads

In just 1 month, we used Performance Max and Google Search Ads to achieve a massive 61% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Prohormones. Find out how we did it.
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Increased their revenue by


whilst only increasing spend by 27% in the first month

Increase of


in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Increase of


in Engagement Rate


Prohormones, part of the JSML global group, a Sports and Health supplements company based in Liverpool shipped orders globally every day. They had a great value proposition: The finest quality supplements at affordable prices


They had taken their business to a broad audience using digital marketing and had seen a consistent return on investment with Google Search and Shopping. Their biggest challenge was seeing products being disapproved on Google’s feed.


Prohormones are now consistently seeing twice their Returns On Ad Spend (ROAS) as they broaden their targeting to include the US market. We restructured and optimised their Google Ads campaigns, avoiding disapprovals and increasing ROAS by 61% in month 1.

By creating separate ad sets and creating a flexible campaign structure, we facilitated the selling of products at a greater rate by optimising spend according to audiences’ changing search habits. By month four, through PMax and Google Search campaign optimisations, we increased the engagement rate by 61%.

How did we increase Prohormones’ ROAS by 61% in just one month?

Week 1: Discovering Prohormones’ challenges and opportunities for growth

Week 1 was about understanding what Prohormones was truly about. We started researching what made Prohormones a leader in the supplement field and how we could amplify their USPs to greater effect. We deep-dived into the data of the past campaigns, looking to understand how customers shopped and how Google’s algorithm could best align with a structure that would see the benefits in terms of Revenue and sustainable ROAS.

Week 2: Improving campaign structure across Google Search Ads and Performance Max

From the account audit, we fixed immediate issues to avoid product disapprovals in Google’s feed. In one strategic move, we reconfigured all of their products within their product feed to improve product deliverability and in turn product visibility across an ever-growing online supplement market.

Week 3: Optimising Google Search returns based on an optimised shopping feed

The results of the optimised shopping feed were showing great results! We fine-tuned the search ads campaigns to focus on campaigns and products that helped achieve or exceed our target ROAS. This is a fluid structure we continue to implement today, based on search intent, to maximise on market-related opportunities involving product releases.

Week 4: Sustainably growing e-commerce sales across Google Shopping and Search Ads

We spoke directly to the Prohormones owner and explained how we could improve their sales further by scaling the ad spend. We agreed on a minimum ROAS that must be maintained with the additional monthly budget to scale and grow the business sustainably as we explore the US and other markets. By month 4, we are now running Google Ads in the UK and US along with Facebook Ads (in both the UK and US) and continue to maintain and exceed our ROAS targets whilst increasing brand awareness as we explore new markets.