MDF Store Case Study: 29% Revenue Increase in 1 month through Google Shopping Ads

In just 1 month, we used Google Shopping and Search ads to achieve a massive 29% increase in revenue for the MDF Store. Find out how we did it.

MDF Store - Project Showcase

Increased their revenue by


in the first month

Conversion rate increased by


by month 4


MDF Store had a great value proposition: High-quality mouldings at a great price.

They had taken their business to a wider audience using digital marketing and seen great results with Google Shopping.

However, their return on ad spend was inconsistent and dropping, halting the business’s growth.


MDF Store are the go-to company for MDF Skirting Boards and Wall Panels.

Using a Google Shopping campaign supported by Search ads, MDF Store increased their revenue by 29% in the first month.

And by month four, their conversion rate grew by 8.5% and sales had doubled.

How did we increase MDF Store’s revenue from Google ads by 29% in just one month?

Week 1: Discovering MDF Store’s challenges and opportunities

Week 1 was about understanding the essence of MDF Store. We undertook research to understand MDF Store’s USPs and why customers loved their products. Understanding how customers shopped, we audited their Google ad account to discover where ROAS and lead volume consistency were going wrong.

Week 2-3: Improving search engine marketing across Google Shopping and Search ads

From the audit outputs we fixed immediate issues and created a longer term action plan for larger issues. In one key move, we reconfigured all of their products to improve product deliverability and ensure all SKUs were all available in Google Shopping.

We also launched a large number of experimental search ads, testing search intent, trade vocabulary, and a range of trust and authority signals in the ad text.

Week 3-4: Optimising Google ads based on successful data collection

The results of the search ad experiment were in! We honed down the search ad campaigns to the ones that achieved or exceeded our target ROAS.

We also continued to optimise the approval rate, visibility, and click through rate of the Google Shopping listings.

After week 4: Sustainably scaling ecommerce sales from Google Shopping and Search Ads

We spoke directly to MDF Store’s CEO and decision makers and explained how we could improve their sales further by scaling the ad spend. With the client on board, we agreed a minimum ROAS and budget increment increases to scale their results and grow the business in a sustainable way. By month 4 we had more than doubled revenue compared to the same month in the previous year.

Today, we’re continuing to improve their ROAS, and we’re working with the CEO of MDF Store on a second venture.

“I’ve been working with Distribute Digital for a few months now, and they’ve been fantastic. They’re proactive and responsive, and they always go the extra mile to get results. I highly recommend them!

We saw an immediate improvement in performance and more importantly, this continued over time. Not only have they increased our revenues from Google Shopping and Search campaigns, but they have also helped advise us on our wider digital marketing strategy.

If you want to work with an agency that is a true partner, I would recommend speaking to the team at Distribute Digital.”

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How our Marketing and Google Shopping teams can help your business

If your Google Ads campaigns have gone downhill or fluctuate wildly, we’ll identify the cause, fix the root problem, return sales to normal, and then scale from there. It’s the Distribute Digital way.

MDF Store offers an in-demand, well-priced, and high-quality product, but their Google Shopping ad ROAS was spiraling out of control.

We restructured their Google Shopping campaigns to improve product visibility and we tested new search ads to learn about the intent of customers and the trust signals they responded to best.

In just one month, we increased revenue by 29% and by the 4th month we doubled revenue compared to the same month in the previous year.