Leighton Vans Case Study

How we helped Leighton Vans grow their ecommerce revenue by 555% in 12 months

Leighton Vans is a market leader, having built a reputation for creating the ultimate Transporter, with an impeccable standing and growing sales. In addition to offering the sale of their bespoke vehicles they were also building a parts business that allowed Transporter owners to buy the parts directly from Leighton. During COVID-19 the business wanted to accelerate their parts sales.

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Increased sales revenue by


in 12 months (2021 vs 2020)


FB Marketing Strategy


Google Shopping


Leighton Vans was already a hugely successful business that had built up a loyal following on FB & Instagram and built a reputation as the benchmark for quality. They were looking to double down on this success and take their digital marketing strategy to the next level. In addition they wanted to grow their newly formed parts business by increasing awareness and sales of their bespoke products.


Taking a multi-channel approach we worked with Leighton to grow their sales from Social whilst also launching a Google Search and Shopping strategy aimed at driving enquiries for the sales and leasing business and ecommerce sales for parts.

Leighton wanted to fully understand their ROI from marketing hence we implemented a lead tracking platform and improved tracking within Google Analytics that allowed them to gain a clear picture of the effectiveness of all their marketing activity.

We implemented a full funnel approach on Social Media ensuring we utilised their existing loyal followers to identify lookalikes with a higher propensity of purchase intent whilst reaching out to new audiences with prospecting audiences and utilising remarketing to increase the frequency of purchase and reduce cart abandoners.

How did we help Leighton increase their ecommerce sales by 555%?

1. We worked with them to put solid foundations in place. Implementing call and form tracking and improving their implementation of Google Analytics we were able to help Leighton understand the effectiveness of their marketing

2. Our Paid Social team created a full funnel strategy that helped Leighton reach new customers whilst ensuring that their most loyal customers continued to engage with the brand and were kept aware of new products and services

3. Google Ads was a channel that had been unsuccessful in the past, but we knew if implemented correctly this could be a valuable asset. After extensive research our team launched both Google Search & Shopping that delivered leads and sales at a sustainable ROAS, growing both enquiry volumes and revenue.

How our Marketing and Google Shopping teams can help your business

If your Google ads have gone downhill or fluctuate wildly, we’ll identify the cause, fix the root problem, return sales to normal, and then scale from there. It’s the distributed way.

Leighton Vans is a market leader with a loyal following on Social Media, but they wanted to double down on their growth and increase the awareness and sales of their newly formed parts business.

We took a multi-channel approach by launching Google Search and Shopping ads to drive enquiries for the sales and leasing business and ecommerce sales for parts, whilst further growing sales through Social via Facebook Marketing.

The full funnel strategy and detailed lead tracking increased ecommerce sales by 555% in 12 months.