Facebook Ads, Google Ads and SEO Case Study

Kay Garage Doors Case Study: Soaring Lead Volumes Through Strategic Digital Marketing

Kay Garage Doors experienced substantial growth in lead volumes and jobs booked through targeted Meta Ads, Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation. They saw remarkable improvements by overhauling their digital marketing strategies with our expertise.

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Increase of


in the number of keywords ranking on Google Search

Increase of


In lead volume in Google Ads in the first three months

Facebook Ads cost per lead


Lower than the initial target from the client

Great Lead quality with


Of leads converting into booked jobs in the last 12 months


In the past, Kay Garage Doors struggled with its online presence, managed by a different provider.

Their website lacked trust-building elements like customer reviews, clear calls to action and easy ways to contact the company. Not all services had a dedicated page.

Their Google Ads set-up did not follow best practices, bringing a low volume of leads at a high cost per lead. Lead Quality needed analysing and improving.

Organic Facebook posts were in place but no ads were running – a missed opportunity.


With our help, Kay Garage Doors turned things around. Their website became a conversion machine, with clear contact options and glowing customer reviews. We restructured and optimised the Google Ads campaigns, bringing in more leads than ever before at a cost-per-lead 42% lower than the target the client originally had in mind. We also set up Facebook Ads which are currently bringing in a great volume of leads at a cost-per-lead 66% lower than the initial target the client was looking for. Lead quality is now regularly monitored and analysed – in the last 12 months 87% of leads convert into booked jobs.

Unlocking Success: Kay Garage Doors' Journey of Continuous Improvement - From Month 1 to Three Years On

Kay Garage Doors embarked on a journey to enhance its digital presence, partnering with us to navigate the intricacies of online marketing. Our approach was comprehensive, centring on the restructuring of Google Ads, the launch of Facebook Ads, website redesign, and extensive SEO strategy.

Step 1: Google Ads Overhaul

We initiated the transformation by revamping Kay Garage Doors’ Google Ads strategy. This entailed restructuring campaigns, refining ad copies, and fine-tuning ongoing keyword optimisation.

Additionally, we implemented budget management strategies and experimented with new bidding techniques. In the initial quarter, our efforts resulted in a remarkable 500% increase in lead volume, coupled with a 27% reduction in the cost per lead

Subsequent optimisations further propelled lead volumes by 157% and slashed the cost per lead by an impressive 46%, surpassing the client’s original targets (Most recent vs Initial Quarter).

Step 2: Launching and Optimising Facebook Ads

With no existing Facebook Ads presence, we started from scratch, aiming to achieve competitive Cost per Lead while ensuring lead quality. Through rigorous testing of creatives, audience targeting, and ad structures, we swiftly attained the desired Cost per Lead by the second month.

Further optimisation efforts drove a staggering 313% increase in lead volumes, coupled with a 74% reduction in the cost per lead, surpassing initial client expectations by 66% (Most recent vs Initial Quarter).

Step 3: New Website Development

Recognising the significance of a user-friendly and conversion-oriented website, we redesigned Kay Garage Doors’ online platform. Our objective was to enhance the conversion rate, integrate social proof, and deliver a modernised design while ensuring robust SEO foundations. See more details on our Kay Garage Doors Project Page.

Step 4: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO efforts encompassed link-building, technical SEO enhancements, and content creation. Since partnering with us, Kay Garage Doors has witnessed a phenomenal improvement in search engine visibility. 

They experienced a 1775% increase in ranking keywords, with over 200 keywords now ranking on the first page, and 150 securing positions 1-3. Additionally, they now rank on 259 keywords on Google Local, a significant achievement considering their previous absence from this platform.

Client Testimonial


“Cannot recommend them highly enough. Andy, Iga, and the team have provided first-class service from the start.”