Ad Messenger Case Study

A new website for an innovative mobile Ad-tech platform that has helped them clearly demonstrate their value proposition.

Ad Messenger needed a website that helped them demonstrate the power of their mobile advertising platform and its unique scrolling format. They had previously struggled with getting across the key benefits of Ad Messenger in an impactful but simple way.

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Ad Messenger is a modern innovative mobile advertising platform that offers publishers and partners access to a tool that delivers better results for their advertisers. Their old website didn’t get this concept across in a clear and visually appealing way. The website was quite dated in design, did not clearly articulate the benefits of the platform and lacked visual impact.


Movement is a key USP of the Ad Messenger ad format and we wanted this to be reflected in the website design. We implemented a design that used a scroll based animation that immediately captured the users attention and kept them engaged as they scrolled through the content. The website clearly explains the key benefits of the Ad Messenger platform in a concise way. The site has a modern appearance whilst reinforcing the Ad Tech nature of the product.

Screenshot of the old Ad Messenger website

Ad Messener - Old

How did we do it:

Step 1: Wireframes and animation

When designing a website it is important to ensure the structure of the site is well thought through and that the layout is given adequate attention before adding the design elements. When evaluating a website design it is often the design elements such as imagery, fonts and colours that are focussed on rather than the logical hierarchy of content and positioning of CTAs (i.e. calls to action such as contact buttons).

This is why we took the approach to start with a low fidelity wireframe that was focussed purely on layout and the hierarchy of content in the initial phase, allowing feedback to be focussed on the important but often overlooked positioning of elements.

We also designed the scrolling elements of the site at this stage, using a mobile phone that travels through the content with the user to keep the user’s focus on the message and narrative.

Picture Wireframe 1
Picture Wireframe 2

Step 2: High fidelity design

Once the layout had been agreed, the design elements of the website were added. Ad Messenger has a clear set of brand guidelines and wanted to ensure these were implemented in a consistent fashion.

As part of our work we redesigned the logo and subtly modernised several elements of the brand, whilst also ensuring the product was explained in a more simple but impactful way.

Ad Messenger wanted the website to be a silent salesperson and be good enough to convey the value of the platform to their target customers as a standalone sales tool. In short they wanted the website to communicate the value as effectively as they would do in person.

Picture Hi-Fi 1
Picture Hi-Fi 2

Step 3: Website Development

The website was built in WordPress using the Hello Theme & Elementor Pro coupled with custom code.

The animated elements on the website are a technical challenge to implement, requiring custom code to ensure the animation is smoothly displayed and works responsively across multiple devices and screen sizes.

As with all our WordPress projects, our ethos is to use only the lightest weight theme and the minimum number of plugins to achieve a design. We use the Hello Theme as it is extremely light weight providing only the most basic elements of the website. All the elements of the website are then custom made from scratch using Elementor Pro as the page builder. This results in a lightweight website with fast loading times, a Google ranking factor.

In addition to the custom elements of the website we, as standard, ensure we are using SEO best practices to give the website a great technical foundation.

Step 4: Client handover & ongoing maintenance

As with all of our sites we always have a client handover call, ensuring they understand how to update their websites and add blog posts, as well as seeing form submissions and any other relevant functionality.

One area that is often overlooked with website development is the ongoing hosting and maintenance. WordPress sites can become vulnerable to security breaches if they are not maintained properly. All our hosting services come with managed maintenance, this means that in addition to the scalable cloud hosting, daily backups and SSL certificate we will update the website on a monthly basis, whilst resolving any issues with any conflicts between core WordPress updates and Plugins. Giving our clients peace of mind that their website is in safe hands.

We briefed Andy and his team to build our new website. He listened closely to our requirements and provided constructive feedback, challenging our ideas to ensure the new site really did deliver against our objectives. Throughout the process he understood what we wanted, turned things around quickly and most importantly was patient when we changed our minds. He’s delivered a fantastic looking site that we couldn’t be more pleased with. I’d thoroughly recommend Distribute Digital.

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Jeremy Playle


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Ad Messenger is an innovative mobile advertising platform, but their website needed to convey this in a concise and visually appealing way.

We redesigned the website with a scroll based animation to better reflect the company’s innovative advertising platform, whilst also engaging visitors as they scroll through the content.

The new website immediately captures the user’s attention and clearly demonstrates the advertising platform’s value proposition, encouraging users to find out more.