Build a Strong Online Presence: The Importance of Web Design for Your Business

Whether you run a physical store or an online business, your website plays a crucial role in your brand’s online presence. Just as a clean and organised shop indicates professionalism and trust for your audience, your website comes across the same way, and will oftentimes be the first impression potential customers have of your business. 

With that being said, it is vital that you pay your website the attention it needs. As a web design agency in Birmingham, we can help ensure that every element of good web design is implemented to your website. Below are some reasons why web design is important for your business.

Creates your business’s first impression

As previously mentioned, your website may well be the first point of contact your audience has with your business. Users form an opinion on your website within the first second of clicking the link, so the structure and visuals of your web design needs to be spot on. The importance of this is elevated by the finding that 88% of website consumers don’t return to a page if they have had a terrible experience with it. You might lose out on customers for a lifetime, only for them to go to a competitor just two clicks away.

Having a website that looks outdated, has grainy images, or takes forever to load will set a negative impression for your business, and have your audience running away (virtually) for good. A web design agency will make sure you avoid these easy mistakes that can be so costly for your business.

Builds trust with your audience

The design of your website speaks volumes for the integrity of your business. A lack of structure or a poor colour scheme will leave your audience distrusting your brand, similar to how a run down shop with a rusty door will put your guard up. You need to convey trust.

For customers to be willing to buy your product or service, they will need to have the confidence that your business will actually handle their money properly and fulfil the transaction. Having a modern, well-designed website will show your customers that you are a professional company that knows what you are doing, rather than an inexperienced one that is prone to errors.

This trust you build with your audience will develop brand loyalty, resulting in a long-lasting relationship that will bring you more sales down the line. 

Improves your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking

There are many factors that impact how your website ranks for SEO, and web design is among the most crucial. Creating a clean, user-centred website that is quick to load will only improve your visibility on search engines. What’s the point of having a website if your customers can’t find it?

Top search engines, such as Google and Bing, have web crawlers that systematically browse websites to gain a better understanding of their content and relevance. Factors like having a slow load time or using a font that isn’t legible, will negatively impact your website’s SEO ranking, as search engines aim to show users with the most relevant and helpful websites for their search terms. This is why a focus on the user experience of your website is vital.

The functionality and structure of your website creates a favourable impression on both your audience and search engine bots. Partnering with an experienced web design agency is the best way to optimise your website design for SEO, and enhance your online presence to drive organic traffic to your site.

Sets the impression for your customer service

Your audience can get a feel for your customer service values just by looking at your website. A poorly designed website will indicate that your business doesn’t put any effort into helping your customers and improving user experience, which will therefore bring customers to the conclusion, whether consciously or subconsciously, that you don’t value customer service.

Your audience will associate the experience they have on your website with the experience they can expect in all other areas of your business. If you haven’t taken the time to update your website’s features or create a simple navigation, your customers won’t be expecting you to follow through on their purchases or assist them with any problems they may have. Your business will appear cold and unapproachable.

On the other hand, a modern and inviting web design will indicate to your audience that your business is welcoming and friendly to its customers. It will show your customers that you value them enough to provide them with a smooth and satisfying experience.

Creates consistency for your brand

Having brand consistency is important for a business’s long term success. Your customers want familiarity with the companies they shop at so that they feel secure in making repeat purchases. A great web design will help create this consistency for your brand.

Using similar font(s), colours, and imagery in all your company’s communications will build familiarity with your audience. These elements will then be associated with your brand and recognised by your customers, comforting them in proceeding with further interactions. You want to be on your customer’s mind when they are looking for your products/services. 

A great example of brand consistency is Coca-Cola with its symbolic red cans. Many associations may come into your mind when you think about this beverage, including their curly logo and Christmas. Can you imagine how alien it would feel if their website was predominantly blue?

Increases conversions

A website that retains its users will ultimately receive more conversions overall. The longer your customers spend on your website, the more they’ll know about your company, and the higher chances you have for them to go through the buyer’s journey and purchase your product/service. 

Good web design will capture your audience’s attention, and give you control over what their eyes focus on. You can guide them to any special offers you have, or to new products that are launching. A structured design allows you to steadily divert your audience to your conversion pages in a way that feels natural to them.

We can contrast this with a messy website that visually screams at you with multiple calls to action and a poor design, leaving your audience wanting to do nothing more than go back a page and find your competitor’s website. Sometimes less is more.

Gives you an edge over your competition

Regardless of how big your brand is, if you don’t put the time into creating a well designed website, you are going to struggle with making sales. Your customers won’t have the patience to figure out how to navigate your site, and will just leave for your competitors. This is good news for those who want to capitalise on this information.

Creating a great web design will boost your business’s visibility through search engines and help you stand out from your competitors. Your audience will remember the positive experiences they had interacting with your business online, which will make them favour you over similar companies with outdated websites.

Web design agency Birmingham

The way you portray your business to customers on the internet is as important as how you would interact with them in person. There are many elements of web design that will build these long-lasting relationships by showing professionalism and helpfulness. To ensure your company benefits from all these elements, partner with an experienced web design agency in Birmingham.

Eduard - Web Designer

Eduard is a skilled designer with a BSc in Digital Media from the University of Portsmouth. He has a keen interest in UI and UX design, and has experience in website design, conversion optimisation, and graphic design including Facebook Ads and logos.

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