5 Of The Best Automation Tools For Estate Agents

Automation tools make life easier in so many areas of business.

Property is no exception, especially if you’re a busy estate agent trying to juggle your business. Plus everything else that you might have going on in your life outside of work. 

The beauty of automation tools is that they can be used to eliminate many of the challenges of being an estate agent, helping you to focus more on the rewards of your career. 

Better still, many property automation tools have been created by those with actual experience in the property industry. Where your digital marketing is concerned, such invaluable insights can help you reach more buyers and sellers than ever before.

Here are 5 of the top automation tools that every estate agent in the UK can benefit from. 

Challenges Of Being An Estate Agent – (How Automation Tools Can Help!)

  • High sales targets
  • Managing clients
  • Keeping up to speed with market trends
  • Marketing your properties effectively
  • Competition from other agents
  • Lots of admin to complete 
  • Finding market data for properties 
  • Navigating inefficient completion processes 
  • Creating a healthy work/life balance

Push Property

According to Statista, the average person spends 2 hours and 27 minutes a day on social media. 

With this figure increasing every year, getting your properties on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn matters more than ever. 

However, as a busy estate agent, posting properties on social media zaps yet more time out of your day. After all, it takes time to write the content in an engaging way, tag the right aspects and get the imagery on point. 

Push Property is here to solve that for you, as a social media marketing automation platform. The clever twist here is that Push Property is specifically geared towards estate agents. 

Compatible with several property platforms, it’s never been easier to match your properties with buyers in the local area on social media. Push Property does all of the work for you, creating posts which show your properties off in the best light. All without you having to manually sit there and create and schedule posts. 

In summary, Push Property allows you to maximise your marketing efforts to encourage those likes, shares and…sales! 

Great for – Social media marketing automation that’s specific to the property industry. 

Prices starting at: £19.99 p/m

Free demo available?: Yes 

Visit Push Property


If there’s one thing every property has in common, it’s a set of keys. 

Now if only it was easy to know who has the keys, especially if you offer property management services, meaning you deal with staff, contractors and tenants simultaneously. 

Keyhive is a key management system which works on the premise of ‘tap, sign and go’. It ensures that keys can always be located, by displaying information on who last signed the keys out and when. 

Messages can also be sent to the person asking them to return the keys, without the property agency having to call the person up saving time and energy. All of the information about the location of your keys will be displayed on a neat interface, which also reduces the need for physical paperwork. 

Similar to Push Property, the idea for Keyhive was born out of the frustration that there had to be a better way of doing things – especially since a lost set of keys could hold up the entire renting and selling process. Turning ideas into action seeks to benefit estate agents across the UK. 

Great for – Estate agents who let properties and find key management a pain point within their business. 

Prices starting at: £55 p/m

Free demo available?: Yes

Visit Key Hive


Lendlord helps property investors, developers, lettings agents and estate agents across the board.

It offers incredible data insights for aspects such as property valuations, rental valuations, postcode demographics, property sourcing, cash flow tracking and much more. 

Two of the biggest perks that Lendlord provides are portfolio management, along with the research data for listings. You can also wave goodbye to spreadsheets since all of the information is automated and presented in a super tangible format. 

While Lendlord might be best suited to estate agents who are involved in the lettings, investment or development side of things – the ability to automate any time-consuming tasks is a huge win especially if you’re running multiple businesses. 

Great for – Estate agents with lettings to manage, or those who also invest or develop property. 

Prices starting at: £12 p/m

Free demo available?: No, but all plans have a free trial. 

Visit Lendlord

GoSquared Live Chat

It could well be the case that your next buyer or seller browses your website when you’re out of the office. This could be during the middle of the night, or even while you are out on a viewing.

GoSquared creates marketing automation software, including Live Chat which can be added to your website. In a nutshell, Live Chat sends chat prompts to your website visitors. It’s capable of asking questions, and even arranging a callback on your behalf. 

While Live Chat isn’t specific to the property industry, it is something that estate agents can use to make sure they don’t miss potential leads. That’s because without someone to greet your website visitors, they may not return if they can’t find all of the information they need. 

GoSquared’s Live Chat prompt acts as that middleman to encourage leads and ultimately sales.  

Visit GoSquared

Great for – Interacting with your website visitors to drive leads. 

Prices starting at: £29 p/m

Free demo available?: Yes, along with a free trial. 


Offr believes that by 2025, 90% of all property negotiations will be conducted digitally.

As the name suggests, Offr gives buyers the chance to place offers for properties online. 

Geared towards residential and commercial agents, Offr is a game-changer for estate agents, since the entire property selling and buying process is streamlined. This even includes communication between sellers and solicitors, which like the rest of the transaction can be handled seamlessly in the Offr interface. 

Offr can even collect ID, proof of funds and other essential documents necessary for a sale to complete. 

Trusted by some of the biggest names in property, the future looks bright for Offr. For any estate agents looking to truly automate the process for their clients, and improve efficiencies within their own business, Offr is one to watch. 

Great for – Automating the property buying and selling process.

Prices starting at: £49 p/m

Free demo available?: Yes

Visit Offr

Benefits Of Automation Tools For Estate Agents

It’s fair to say that many aspects of being an estate agent remain traditional. But while you may be keen to display excellent local knowledge, plus give a personable experience, it’s essential that other areas of your property business move with the times.

Automation tools might seem daunting or confusing. In reality, they are designed to be the exact opposite by supporting you as an estate agent as you juggle your properties and your clients. 

In particular, these are the benefits that automation tools for estate agents can generate for your property business. 

Improved profit margins  

As the saying goes, ‘time is money’. A key benefit of automation tools is that they all work to speed up the sales process, by improving efficiencies wherever possible. 

Solves issues specific to the property industry 

Automation tools exist in various industries. But the benefit of property automation tools is that the specific challenges of listing and selling properties have been considered. 

Keeps your business competitive  

As an estate agent, it’s easy to get left behind if you don’t adopt new ways of working. The way your clients access property listings is no exception. Automation tools can keep your business and marketing methods up to date. 

Reduces admin overheads 

The ability to automate your property management, social media posting, and other tasks means you no longer have to hire large teams to run your property business. All of which reduces overheads as well as stress. 

Better work/life balance 

With your estate agency taken care of through automation tools, this gives you more time to focus on what’s important including family, friends and your general well-being outside of work. 

In Summary

Automation is the future, and embracing new technology can help businesses like yours remain competitive in the fast-moving world of property.

With so much admin to complete, automation can help speed up the most time-consuming processes. This includes the likes of posting your properties on social media, through to conducting area research. Some of the newly emerging tools even allow agents to automate the entire sales process, in line with changing digital habits. 

For any estate agents reading, the above automation tools demonstrate the very best technology to help you improve any inefficient areas of your business. With these pain points taken care of, this allows you to reach more sellers, buyers, and renters with your property listings – all with less stress and effort than was previously the case!

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